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Updates Regarding CouponJinn.com's Terms & Conditions

Over time, CouponJinn.com is free to make modifications to our Terms & Conditions and Policies as needed. You will be notified to future changes through email and when logging into your CouponJinn.com account.

Terms of Use

From this point on, We, Us, and Our will be used to refer to CouponJinn.com and You will refer to the user on the CouponJinn.com's website. Be sure to read CouponJinn.com's entire Terms & Conditions and Policies. This page is for users who want to maintain a relationship with CouponJinn.com and want to follow our Terms & Conditions and Policies.If you do not, CouponJinn.com will not be held responsible for any prohibited actions you may do in accordance.

User Agreement

CouponJinn.com want to ensure that the user understands that by enrolling with us, they agree to pay obligations that will be cited in our Terms & Conditions. Otherwise, CouponJinn.com will not be able to answer to any action that may be taken against you. Keep in mind that transferring your CouponJinn.com account is strictly forbidden and you are responsible for all account information and all information you have shared with CouponJinn.com.

Rules of Conduct

1. A user must be 18 years or older to register with CouponJinn.com. If they are not, then they do not have permission to be bounded by our contract.
2. Any user 13 years or higher may only use CouponJinn.com under the supervision of their guardian. The guardian must agree with our Terms & Conditions before continuing usage.
3. It is strictly forbidden for any End-user to cause obstructions to pages and websites connect to CouponJinn.com or to other CouponJinn.com users.
In this case, CouponJinn.com will not be held responsible for the user
4. The private property of CouponJinn.com includes all the information on our website and pages that are linked to CouponJinn.com.
5. CouponJinn.com will take action on any End-user who does not the respect the laws that relate to CouponJinn.com, regardless if it is criminal or other.
6. No company, business, or other may advertise on CouponJinn.com without the written permission of CouponJinn.com.
7. Solicitation is strictly forbidden on CouponJinn.com and all of CouponJinn.com's associated websites. All linked pages and websites are bounded to CouponJinn.com's Terms & Conditions.
8. CouponJinn.com has every right to terminate or suspend the accounts of End-users who do follow our Terms & Conditions.
9. CouponJinn.com gives all users proper sentiments under our Terms & Conditions because we care about all of our users. We want all users to be treated with respect and to treat other users with respect. The violations of CouponJinn.com's users include the following inappropriate communication:

  • Offensive
  • Derogatory
  • Objectionable
  • Improper
  • And anything similar to the above

Disclaimer of Warranty

CouponJinn.com and all associated parties does not guarantee anything like the usage of our website, service quality, or the benefit of using CouponJinn.com. We are also not responsible for any interactions between two parties not involving CouponJinn.com.

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