STD – How Often Should You Get Checked?

STD – How Often Should You Get Checked?

April 19, 2022 Off By Talha

The World Health Organization estimates that nearly one million new cases of sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) are acquired each day, even with safe sex practices. The good news is that many of these cases are simple to detect and treat. Here, you can determine how frequently you should be checked, quarterly or yearly. What works best for you?

Is it really necessary to have an STD test?

Yes, indeed! Regardless of sexual orientation or sexual history, all sexually active individuals require STD testing. However, there isn’t just one type of STD test.

Depending on the disease being tested, the test may be a swab, a urine sample, or a blood test. These tests can detect HIV, syphilis, chlamydia, gonorrhea, hepatitis B, and herpes simplex virus (genital warts).

Several factors include determining the frequency with which you must be tested—for instance, Age, and Gender, Sexual preference. Whether you’re pregnant or not, Your sexual history and relationship status also play a role, depending on whether you’re in a monogamous relationship or have multiple partners.

Furthermore, consider how frequently you have sex, whether you’re in a long-term relationship, and whether you’ve had any high-risk encounters. As a general rule, we recommend that everyone get a yearly sexual health MOT,’ which includes testing for chlamydia, gonorrhea, syphilis, and HIV. We recommend more frequent testing if you are single and have had multiple sexual partners.

If you’ve been with the same partner for a long time and don’t have any concerns about sharing needles or tattooing equipment, getting tested every year is a good rule. You mustn’t wait until you see or experience symptoms of an STI because many are asymptomatic and can still be transmitted even if no signs of infection are present. Another excellent option is to make testing a regular part of your healthcare regimen. If you’re used to going to the dentist or seeing your family doctor once a year, make STI testing a regular part of your self-care routine.

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