Rising Craze Of Boba Tea

Rising Craze Of Boba Tea

May 27, 2022 Off By Talha

Bubble or ‘boba’ tea has become a worldwide sensation, however, how did it evolve from humble beginnings in a Taiwanese tea shop to the global phenomenon it is today?

The bubble tea market is anticipated to rise by about $2 billion to $4.3 billion by 2027, as per a recent survey.


It all started in Taiwan in the 1980s. Bubble or Boba tea was started in a Taiwanese shop and has since grown in popularity due to Internet foodies.

Bubble tea is a drink that has been produced by combining tea, milk, fruit, and juice drinks, then adding delightful tapioca pearls and shaking the whole mixture rapidly.

Boba tea has an immense attractive look and is served in a transparent glass or cup to not miss its appealing look. There’s a fat straw in the cup so that you can get tapioca balls in your mouth with the tea, you chew those pearls or boba and enjoy.


Boba tea comes in various flavors and the public is obsessing over these drinks.

There are nine popular flavors of Boba tea. 

  • Classic Bubble Milk Tea.

Ingredients: tea, sugar, creamer, and black tapioca balls.

  • Panda Bubble Milk Tea.

Ingredients: tea, milk, white and black tapioca balls.

  • Brownsugar Bubble Milk Tea.

Ingredients: tea, milk, brown sugar, and black tapioca balls.

  • Milk Foam Bubble Green Tea.

Ingredients: Green tea, milk foam, sugar, black tapioca balls.

  • Flavored Bubble Latte/Coffee.

Ingredients: Flavored latte, black tapioca balls.

  • Fruit Tea And Jellies.

Ingredients: Fruit tea and jellies.

  • Milk Tea Pudding.

Ingredients: Milk tea, pudding, brown sugar, black tapioca balls.

  • Bubble Tea Cocktails.

Ingredients: Cocktail and black tapioca balls.

  • Bubble Tea Pizza.

Ingredients: Pizza and black tapioca balls.


The feeling of drinking Boba tea is very satisfying. The tapioca balls have a bouncy and bubbly texture, its very chewy like a jelly or a bubble gum. You can chew the tapioca balls whilst having a sip of the tea.

The taste of the tea is fruity, refreshing, and soothing. It depends upon the flavor you want to go with. Overall, the Boba Tea has proven to be very addictive among people and the credit goes equally to the taste and how beautiful it looks.


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