Preserve your privacy with the Introduction of Password Managers

Preserve your privacy with the Introduction of Password Managers

August 12, 2022 Off By Talha

With new and improved websites and applications emerging every few months since the turn of the century, and more and more people having to depend on them for work, study, or simply socializing, the unprecedented problem of digital privacy or the lack thereof has also come to light.

Password in itself is not enough to protect you from a privacy breach. Tech experts recommend using strong, unique, and different passwords for every account on every website.

But, the dilemma of not being able to remember multiple different and complex passwords have had most people use the same passwords on many other websites. Tech experts have repeatedly warned against this plight, emphasizing how dangerous it is for your digital data. Reused and weak passwords were reportedly the reason behind 80% of the data breaches, according to a Verizon Data Breach Investigation Report of 2019.

What are password managers?

Password managers address this problem effectively. A password manager is an application that lets you store all of your passwords every time you devise a new password or change it. It keeps them all secure behind a master password. You are only required to remember the master password as the password manager remembers all of your passwords. In addition to protecting your online data on different apps and websites, password managers also design secure and unique passwords for you.

Moreover, password managers also let you know when your password is too weak or may get hacked easily. They also inform you when any of your passwords are breached. Password manager simply autofill the password and saves your time. It also protects you against fraudulent websites as it does not recognize them. Data protection with the help of a password manager keeps you safe from identity theft since your information has become more challenging to access.

NordPass: The intuitive password manager

NordPass, launched in 2019, helps you sort passwords and keep them secure in a single, encrypted place. It syncs your passwords across multiple websites so you can use it on any website or browser anytime. NordPass utilizes a zero-knowledge architecture, i.e., it encodes your passwords on your device, and only then does it save them in the cloud. It provides both free and paid premium versions.

Are password managers safe to use? 

  • Password managers contain all the most private and sensitive data in one single place. If it gets hacked, all of your information is subject to compromise at once.
  • If your server breaks down and you don’t have password back-ups in the cloud, your passwords may be lost forever since most top password managers have zero-knowledge architecture.
  • In case of your device gets infected by malware, your master password becomes vulnerable to getting hacked.

Despite the apparent concerns, password managers have done an excellent job keeping passwords secure. In 2015, cybercriminals hacked LastPass and gained access to the master password, yet they could not decipher any of the stored passwords as they were all saved with high-grade encryption.

Password managers are still your safest bet to remember and save multiple, unique, complex passwords. Safety concerns can be bypassed by creating a strong master password, ensuring backup, and keeping your devices safe from malware.