How can you influence your toddler’s fashion statement?

How can you influence your toddler’s fashion statement?

August 5, 2022 Off By Talha

Your fashion sense is a creative blend of your outfits, the accessories you pair with, and how confidently you carry yourself. It is your personal style and lets you express yourself. Many people don’t realize this, but fashion sense is developed early in childhood. The adults you grew up around helped you curate your distinct dressing style. They enabled you to be artistic and experimental with your clothes. Children are curious by nature, and adults should use this curiosity as an opportunity to educate their kids on fashion sense! You must be wondering what could be the possible benefit of trying to improve your toddler’s fashion sense? Well, it boosts their imagination and pushes them to think creatively, helping them build self-confidence. It also promotes the development of their motor and cognitive skills.

  1. Let them pick their everyday wear

    Give your kids the freedom to choose their outfits. Just open up their closet to them and let them dive in. Don’t forget to appreciate the outcome even if you think it looks ridiculous. They are learning. It is your job to provide them with a safe, fun space to be experimental. Appreciation will encourage them to be creative.

  1. Play dress-up with your toddler

Playing dress-up is your perfect opportunity to influence your toddler’s fashion sense. If you have reserved your toddler’s fancy clothes for specific occasions and only let your child wear everyday clothes while playing dress-up, you might not want to do that. By doing, you are limiting your child’s imagination. Let them be adventurous and allow them to wear their fancy, sparkly, sequin-adorned clothes just for fun. Acting as little ladies and gentlemen will only pique their interest in fashion while discovering their style.

  1. Design a color wheel

    Teach your toddlers to mix and match by adding different colors, prints, and designs to the wheel. Let them rotate the wheel and watch them create a unique outfit by themselves. You can also use the wheel to help your toddler find the right shoes and accessories for their ensemble. Make sure your child has all the colors and prints of the wheel in their closet. Add new, fun items to their wardrobe to increase their choices.

  1. Let them self-correct

    If your child has developed an interest in fashion, you can help them self-correct by asking them to observe themselves in the mirror. Ask them if they like their outfits. Offer them polite bits of advice and choices as to what else could go with their attire. See if they appreciate your suggestions. Chances are they will like your ideas and will want to adopt them!

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