How are Contacts Evolving with Modern Medical Advancements?

How are Contacts Evolving with Modern Medical Advancements?

May 22, 2022 Off By Talha

Contact lenses usually serve the same purpose as glasses, but they are lighter and nearly invisible – many commercial lenses are tinted a faint blue to make them more visible when immersed in cleaning and storage solutions. Cosmetic lenses are designed in such a color to change the appearance of the eye. The types of lenses used and prescribed vary significantly across countries, with rigid lenses accounting for more than 20% of currently prescribed lenses in Japan, the Netherlands, and Germany but less than 5% in Scandinavia.

People wear contact lenses for a variety of reasons:

It is believed that wearing contact lenses makes them look more attractive than wearing glasses. Contact lenses are less affected by rain, do not steam up, and offer a wider field of vision.

Now you can use smart contact lenses:

Scientists are constantly developing better contact lens technology to prevent and treat eye diseases, as well as to improve the lives of people who have low vision. Here are two lenses that have been approved by the US Food and Drug Administration in the last year.


Multiple lenses are used to correct myopia in children and teenagers (nearsightedness). The FDA has approved the first soft contact lens for slowing the progression of myopia. The disposable contact lens is worn on a daily basis. These are distinct from existing OrthoK contact lenses, which reshape the cornea by rerouting light to the retina. Furthermore, the new lens does not have to be worn overnight.

Transitional lenses:

Contact lenses that automatically darken in sunlight to reduce glare and improve comfort are on the market. A photochromic filter in the lenses continuously adjusts the amount of light entering the eye.

Technological Advancement in Healthcare:

As the year 2022 continues to evolve, healthcare technology will continue to advance in all areas. Although security will improve across the board, threats are constantly evolving and must be addressed through prevention rather than response. Because of groundbreaking and evolving technologies such as artificial intelligence, machine learning, and extended reality, the quality and efficiency of care will continue to improve.

Here are some technological and innovative trends evolving in the healthcare

  • Artificial Intelligence (AI) in Healthcare
  • Telemedicine and the Evolution of Remote Care
  • Extended Reality
  • IoT and Wearables

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