Here’s what you need to know about wearing Contact Lenes on Airplane

Here’s what you need to know about wearing Contact Lenes on Airplane

August 14, 2022 Off By Talha

Contact lenses offer an excellent alternative for people who do not have 20/20 vision yet are not fond of wearing glasses. Unlike glasses, contact lenses do not fog up or splatter with water during the rain. These are perfect to wear while playing sports. They also offer better vision than glasses. You no longer have to feel the weight of glasses on your nose and ears.

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Contacts are simply so much more comfortable to wear than glasses.

Are contact lenses safe to wear everywhere?

Despite the comfort and ease, contact lenses are not safe to wear everywhere. While most contact lens users know the harm of wearing them while swimming, when working in labs, or in any environment where dust and chemicals can easily access their eyes, many are oblivious to the hazards of wearing them on an airplane. 

Eye care specialists discourage wearing contact lenses while traveling via plane, especially on long-distance flights. Your contacts need to be kept moist at all times, and several thousand feet up in the air is not exactly the ideal atmosphere for your contacts. 

What could be the possible downsides to wearing contact lenses on an airplane?

  • Oxygen and moisture are in low supply, and atmospheric pressure is also reduced. These less than optimum conditions dry your eyes and cause your contact lenses to stiffen. 
  • Your cornea may experience tiny ruptures only visible under a microscope, and you may experience pain and irritability. 
  • Many passengers also fall asleep during long flights, further dehydrating their eyes. Dry contact lenses also draw in bacteria, making your eyes vulnerable to infections. Continuing to wear dry contacts will only further damage your vision.
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Is there a safe way to carry contacts with you while traveling via airplane? 

  • On the short-distance flight, you can still choose to keep contact lenses on. But you must take eye drops with you in a carry-on bag to lubricate your eyes.
  • Drinking enough water to stay as hydrated as possible is also advisable.
  • For long-distance flights, carry your contacts in their case and their contact solution in your carry-on bag.
  • Use a travel-sized bottle to keep your contact solution in your carry-on bag, as any liquids more than 100ml are required to go in your check-in luggage, where you cannot access them mid-flight.

There might be a way for you to wear your contact lenses on airplanes!

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Contact lenses remain a more enticing option for most people with blurred vision over glasses. As long as adequate contact lens hygiene is maintained, you are good to go. American Academy of Ophthalmology suggests disinfecting your contacts every time you take them off and put them back in their case. Look for the correct saline solution to clean contacts if you have allergies or develop protein deposits in your eyes. Also, store your contacts in a clean case.