Embrace the Cloud revolution with TeamViewer!

Embrace the Cloud revolution with TeamViewer!

August 23, 2019 Off By Talha

TeamViewer takes advantage of cloud platforming to offer stacked-with-features remote access services with compatibility across Windows, macOS, android, iOS, Chrome OS and much more. Remote access software like TeamViewer allow a computer to be hosted in a different location to the user. The user, through the cloud, then gets a display akin to a live stream on his own computer, while taking advantage of all the features and software housed on the remote computer! Software like TeamViewer have great potential and functionality, especially in large scale institutions like university campuses or big companies! We’ve made a list of the pros and cons of TeamViewer and with potential customers in mind, compiled a list of some TeamViewer coupons and TeamViewer promotions to help you find a deal! Keep reading to find some of the best features offered by TeamViewer as well as our list of the best TeamViewer promotions available today!
First, TeamViewer allows for multi-mirror support, meaning multiple users can use the same remote access connection, as well as allow seamless file transfer between users. The developers have also put an immense amount of effort into optimizing the mobile app, so you can use the app and connect to a remote desktop, giving you access to a computer through your Smartphone. This access can also be shared with a simple link, so you can grant access to friends and loved ones through TeamViewer.

TeamViewer’s subscription is also multi tiered. They do offer a free trial, so you can try out the product on up to three devices for a month, as well as being able to add up to 3 family members on to your plan. The next tier is designed with personal use in mind. At $50 a month, you get access to the full suite of TeamViewer features, with an unlimited client list. The next and final tier, designed for organizational use, costs $105 a month. This licenses up to fifty users, who are all allowed to share without any limit with clients and customers. Finally, the corporate plan is laid out for corporations and larger businesses – two hundred users with up to nine administrators. From our experience, TeamViewer’s performance has been admirable, especially when the number of users are scaled up. That being said, the price tag may not be accessible for everyone. If you’re looking to bring that number down, check out our TeamViewer promotions and TeamViewer coupons here!

  • 15% off Unique Users – Unique users get 15% off each month (or yearly!) on TeamViewer. This is the best option for personal/small scale use, so take advantage of our TeamViewer coupons to save on home use!
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  • First Order Discounts – Use our TeamViewer coupon codes to get up 30% off if you’re a first time user! If you’re in the market for a remote desktop access connection, We highly recommend trying out TeamViewer, at least for a month. Use this code to get 30% off on your first order!
  • Special Offer for Indian Users – With our TeamViewer coupons and TeamViewer promotions, users in the subcontinent, including Pakistan, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka, can get a months access for INR 1,250 for a single user, with multiple user access costing INR 3,600. Corporate Licenses clock in at INR 5,200, so this might be a great option for U.S based users working with clients or customers in and out of the Indian subcontinent.
  • Flat 15% off all licenses – Use our TeamViewer promotion page to find a TeamViewer coupon that entitles you to a flat 15% discount on any purchase! This one’s on us!

From our experience with TeamViewer, we cannot applaud it enough. It has made streamlining work in the office much easier, as communication, sharing, planning and efficiency-optimization are all made easier. Check out couponjinn.com for the best deals you can get, with our TeamViewer promotions and TeamViewer coupon codes.