Can STDs be recurring?

Can STDs be recurring?

June 15, 2022 Off By Talha

A sexually transmitted disease or STD is an infection that is transferred from one person to the other through sexual contact. Conditions like gonorrhea, genital herpes, chlamydia, trichomoniasis, genital warts, and Syphilis are some kinds of infections that are known as STDs. You can cure this disease by consulting a doctor, getting proper treatment, and following some healthy practices. However, some patients report that their STDs have returned with more damaging health impacts. This article will look into this matter and discuss how STDs can be recurring. 

Can STDs be Recurring?

Taking Medication Inaccurately

Taking medication incorrectly might be the reason why your STD is recurring. People who do not take medicine on time and take the wrong doses can experience their return more often.

Taking the Wrong Medication

If you are exposed to any of the STDs, you must consult a doctor and get proper medications. Have a proper diagnosis and take medications accordingly. Avoid self-medication to prevent the infection from growing further. 

The Role of Antibiotics in Treating Infections

In some cases, STDs can become resistant to antibiotic treatment which might stop them from going away. If you find yourself in a similar situation, consult your doctor right away.

Being Exposed to Another STD

Many kinds of sexually transmitted diseases can individually affect the same person. So if your body is prone to such infections, it can catch another STD despite being treated several times. Therefore, getting checked against them and getting proper treatment is necessary. 

An Untreated Partner Might Affect You

Sometimes an untreated partner can also become the reason why you catch the infection again. If you have a consistent partner, ask them to get their tests done. If they also have some sort of STDs, go for proper treatment, delay sexual contact, and wait for the treatment to work. 

Get Tested for STDs Regularly

One of the major reasons why sexually transmitted diseases returns are we fail to follow regular testing against them. Any disease can return or get back its strength if you do not follow a careful and healthy routine to prevent them. Regardless of how preventable they might be, some practices can result in their return. Therefore, we should have a regular STD test to stop their spread in its initial stage.

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A sexually transmitted disease is a detrimental health condition that can affect both partners. If they are not treated immediately, the symptoms and the condition can become worse. In some cases, the infection has also been found to transmit from the mother to the baby. 

This is indeed the reason why patients must get proper treatment and regular testing to cure and prevent STDs. So if you have ever been a victim of STDs, stay in touch with your healthcare provider and minimize the risks of its return.