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Testing yourself for STD is perhaps one of the most mature decisions you’ll make for yourself as an adult, especially if you’re sexually active and also with more than one partner. Nowadays, STD testing has become very easy especially with the abundance of STDCheck coupon codes, STDCheck Promo Code and STDCheck coupon available online.

Taking an STD test is very important because you might be affected without even knowing it and there is a risk that you can spread it to your unsuspecting sexual partner who might also spread it to others causing a chain reaction. Taking the STD test yourself is probably the best way you can know your status.

Why should I get tested for STDs?

You might be wondering “why should I even get tested for STDs, I don’t feel sick”. The thing about STDs is that you might not know if you have it until you get tested, waiting for STDs to start showing symptoms before you get it treated is dangerous because the longer it stays in your body the more catastrophic it can be to your body system. Just know this, if you’re sexually active, it’s always a good idea to get tested regularly and if you don’t want to feel pressured when taking the test, it’s better to take it alone.

How will I know the STD test I need to take?

When you feel you have symptoms that are related to STD symptoms it’s advisable to talk to your nurse or doctor to advise you on the appropriate tests to take. Your nurse or doctor will probably ask.

  • If you have any symptoms.
  • The number of people you’ve had sex with or currently having sex with.
  • The kind of sex you’ve had if it’s oral, anal or vaginal.
  • If you use protection.

Your answers will help the doctor figure out the appropriate tests you should take.

Are STD Tests Painful?

Most people avoid getting tested because they think the process is painful and time-consuming, but that’s not the case. The process is usually painless and fast, some of the tests include.

  • Urinal tests, where you have to urinate in a container
  • A blood test, where the doctor takes your blood sample by poking your finger with a syringe to get blood samples.
  • A swab test, where you will be given a swab stick to use to get samples from your genital area.

Testing yourself for STD is part of being a responsible adult. It means you are taking your health important especially if you are sexually active. There are some tests you can do on your own and there are some that require you going to a lab to meet a professional. Some tests are free while some can be quite expensive. You can check through these promo codes for reduced prices on STD test kits. The best part of taking a test is once you get it done with, your mind will be at rest. So, don’t be afraid to get tested.