A Good Night’s Sleep with Tulo!

A Good Night’s Sleep with Tulo!

August 17, 2019 Off By Talha

Produced by Mattress Firm, the Tulo, which incidentally is also the Chichewa word for sleep, is a new entrant into the bed-in-a-box market. Beds-in-a-box are extremely popular, given their ease of setup and affordability, but the Tulo elevates the design to another level. The Tulo is also a much more versatile option, as it comes in different ranges of firmness, so there really is a tulo for everyone out there! These well built units are excellent for a variety of factors – convenience, build quality, comfort and design and are also extremely affordable. That being said, we went ahead and gathered the best tulo coupon codes and tulo promotions to help you save even more money, so keep reading to find out why we think tulos are great value for money and save big using our tulo coupon codes and tulo promotions!

Features and Benefits of a Tulo!

Versatility and affordability are key aspects of any Mattress Firm product. A Tulo, fortunately, comes in three different options – soft, medium and firm, so you can pick what works for you. Unlike other bed-in-a-box makers, Mattress Firm aims to cater to all your bedding needs, so take a look at the Tulo range, it really is the most versatile bed-in-a-box while also being among the most wallet-friendly options on the market. If that isn’t enough, Tulos also come packed with features:

  • Motion Isolation – This means that there is a deep cushion between the springs of the bed and the actual foam layer that you lie on, allowing for a lot of movement while sleeping. You can move as much as you want in your sleep and the mattress will adjust accordingly! It also comes with rounded out edges, so you don’t have to worry about falling off as the springs are spread out over the edges, rather than the middle. This means you’ll always roll your way back into the middle! Use our Tulo coupons and Tulo promotions to save big!

  • A Tulo comes with a polyester cover, much like most mattresses. Keep in mind though, that it is a bed in a box unit. The mixture of polyester and tencel fabric that it sports is extremely durable and affordable. Check out our Tulo coupons and Tulo promotions to see similar products at the best prices possible!
  • Multi-layer build – A Tulo is a mattress split into multiple layers, all serving different structural purposes. The first layer, roughly two inches thick, is the main cushion lining. The second layer has an inch of memory foam made with ventilation and cooling in mid. The third layer is the thickest, toughest layer of foam. The final layer, in the case of a Tulo, is very sturdy, yet made of foam too. It is designed with specially engineered firm to give you the strongest foundation possible! Moreover, all Tulo products are certified by CERTIPUR-US, so they come as clean as possible without any harmful additives or chemicals!

These features distinguish Tulos from all other bed-in-a-box makers. With affordability, convenience and quality, Tulos are the most accessible option to many, and with the use of our Tulo coupon codes and Tulo promotions, you’ll get access to huge savings. With back to campus sales for students, over 10 years warranty, overall discounts and even a 120 day trial period, our Tulo coupons and Tulo promotions are guaranteed to put all other options to bed!